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Meet the engineers behind L E X A N Freelance Engineers 

We L E X A N Structural Engineers are team  of structural engineers spread on all over Middle East in various Engineering consultants and construction sectors, We are Multi talented in various sectors not limited to High rise Buildings, Mid rise Buildings, Apartments for both usage commercial and residential, We also have various special talented specialist who is well verse in Steel Structures, RCC Structures ,Facade ,Structural Glazings,GRP Elevation cladding and GFRP finer structure, Innovative materials which is new to market with tested physical values, We have more than 10+ years experience in design field. We are best in client based supportive freelancers to adhere the client requirements and meet there specified deadlines. We have many happy clients in various region in Middle East.

City Sky


Full support to our client optimised economic design and value engineering, and deliver the projects in timely manner with committed deadlines.

The Project requirements are well evaluated from the client, we make sure we get perfect aligned with the client requirements. We provide a perfect design with cost optimisation and minimal design without compromising the safeties.



We follow the universal design codes  including American Standards, British Standards and Euro-code, We also respect and adhere to the Local Municipality Regional Structural Guidelines.


Architectural views and there concepts are always valuable for us, We closely work together with Architects to get the final Master piece.


Our Main Goal is always to adopt to the updated trends we are more on carrying with sustainability in our design.

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